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NSIS is Northwestern University's online safety data management tool, which Principal Investigators (PIs) will use to submit applications and registrations for review. NSIS also builds a lab-specific Laboratory Safety Profile for each researcher and serves as an educational resource for PIs and laboratory workers.

Logging in from off campus? NSIS requires use of the Northwestern VPN for off-campus users.

Registering for NSIS (PIs only):

Send an email to with your name, your department, your anticipated date of arrival and a contact phone number and/or email address. The subject heading should read "NSIS Access Request." You will receive an email notification once you have been granted access to the system.

You may use the User Manual to navigate through NSIS.


See: NSIS Frequently Asked Questions or contact your nearest ORS office (Chicago - x3-8300 / Evanston - x1-5581) if you have questions.

NSIS "Quick Guides"

How to Add or Delete a Form

How to Add a Lab Worker

How to Add a Safety Designate

How to Change a Safety Designate

How to Close Out a Lab

How to Delete a Lab Worker

How to Delete a Safety Designate

How to Dispose of Lab Equipment

How to Edit Contact Information

How to Move a Lab

How to Print a Door Sign

How to Print an Alarm Notfication Sign

How to Request a Hazardous-Waste Pickup

How to Select PPE for Researchers

How to Update and Resubmit Your Lab Safety Review

How to Upload a Chemical Inventory

NSIS User Manuals

Basic User Manual

Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide (Purple Guide)

Departmental, School and University Administrator Manual

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