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Exposure Control Plan

Written Exposure Control Plan Required

The standard requires a written Exposure Control Plan (ECP) designed to eliminate or minimize employee exposure if employees have an occupational exposure. This document serves as the University-wide ECP. The NSIS Laboratory Safety Profile for individual laboratories is the laboratory-specific portion of the ECP. A Laboratory Safety Profile is required for all research and research support facilities. For non-laboratory personnel, this document serves as the ECP.

Accessibility of ECP

The ECP shall be maintained in the laboratory Safety Desk Book. The ECP is an integral part of the University's safety program. The Safety Desk Book is a compilation of all the laboratory's safety documents and is a valuable resource for all laboratory personnel. Non-laboratory departments shall maintain the ECP in a location easily accessible to affected employees.

Required Elements of the Plan

The ECP shall consist of:

  • an exposure determination-this should be made without regard to the use of personal protective equipment. The exposure determination shall contain:
    • a list of job classifications in which all employees in those job classifications have occupational exposure
    • a list of job classifications in which some employees have occupational exposure
  • the procedure for the evaluation of circumstances surrounding exposure incidents

Maintenance and Review

The OSHA standard requires review and updating of the ECP at least annually and whenever necessary to reflect new or modified tasks and procedures that affect occupational exposure and new or revised employee positions with occupational exposure. Non-laboratory departments shall review this document annually at a minimum. The principal investigator or supervisor is responsible for reviewing and updating the laboratory-specific information by revising the Laboratory Safety Profile for the laboratory when necessary and annually by the completion of the Laboratory Annual Review.

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