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Jose Macatangay
Director, Health Physics Services,
Radiation Safety Officer
Chicago Campus
Phone: 3-8300

  • Announcing Changes to Radioactive Materials and X-ray Registrations in NSIS
    As of Sunday, March 16th, Radioactive Materials and X-ray registrations will be separated in NSIS. X-ray users will need to specify the type of x-ray units in use in their laboratory. For more information or assistance with the process, Please contact Health Physics Services at:

    3-8300 (Chicago)
    1-5581 (Evanston)

    Radiation Safety Information

    Radioactive materials and sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation are essential elements of research and teaching at Northwestern. The Radiation Safety Handbook provides answers to fundamental questions about the nature of radiation, guidance on protecting against radiation's harmful effects, detailed University policies and procedures, and important regulatory information.

    Health Physics Services Initiatives

    • "Fast Track" Reauthorization Initiative
      For labs that have not used radioactive materials within the past 12 months, or who anticipate infreuent use in the future. Note: There will be a special dispensaation of a 3-business day turnaround from reauthorizaton request to approval for labs utilizing the "Fast Track" initiative;
    • Coming Soon: Recycling Unused Detection Equipment ;
    • Coming soon: Shared Equipment Survey ;
    • Transitioning to Three-year Renewals:
      The RSC will be moving to a 3-year renewal cycle and will simplify the current renewal process based on the lab's compliance performance.


    Responsibility for maintaining the University's radiation safety licenses and registrations, and coordinating the safety program, is assigned to ORS.

    If you have questions or comments about the information contained in this handbook please contact ORS at x3-8300 (Chicago) or x1-5581 (Evanston).

    Training and Authorization

    Radioactive Materials Safety Training

    X-Ray Safety Training

    Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials

    Radiation Worker Registration


    Protocol for Radioactive Materials in Experimental Animals

    Radioactive Waste

    Radioactive Waste Disposal


    Radiation Lab Management

    Ordering Radioactive Materials

    Relocating / Vacating a Radiation Lab

    User Surveys in Radiation Labs

    Safety Survey Contamination Report

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